Your three videos have helped me more than any other instruction videos I have seen (by far!).
Chris Boudreaux, Rancho Murrieta California

As many times as I have heard and seen the golf swing explained, your videos are the most productive. I want to thank you for the great videos and let you know your efforts are appreciated.
Darrell Perkins

I had the fortune of receiving the best instructional videos when I purchased your tapes from OHP Direct. I cannot express the invaluable the information that you presented in the videos.
Len Introna, Kincumber Australia

Your videos are very impressive and informing. Thanks
Bill Sommerville, Orlando Florida

Marc’s videos have been a God-send for me. Thanks again for those fantastic instructional videos.
Dan Lawler, Flossmoor Illinois

Your DVD’s are the best instructional videos I’ve ever seen.
Gary Reeves, Troy Missouri

Since getting your videos my ball striking has improved quite a bit.
Leo Brown, Salem Oregon

I have your DVD Squaring it up thru OHP Direct. It’s very good.
Darwyn Howell, Farr West Utah

I am a high school golf coach. I bought 2 videos from OHP and loved them.
Jack Duguette, Silver Spring Maryland

I just received the copy of the OHP video and was very impressed. Thank you
Jack Manss, Rancho Murrieta California

Greatly enjoyed your OHP tapes
Bob Ariss, Dublin Ohio

I purchased your DVD’s through OHP and have enjoyed the information. Thanks for a great product.
Ralph Rabago, Beaumont California

Enjoyed your DVD on Squaring up the club head. It is the first time I have not scooped my irons.
Paul Matz, Chicago Illinois

I have 3 of your DVD’s in my collection. Great ideas!
Ross McClure, Quebec Canada

I very much enjoyed your DVD entitled Squaring it Up for maximum Distance and Accuracy. Your comments make a tremendous amount of sense.
Edward Kryshak MD, Belmont Michigan

Thank you for sharing your knowledge of the proper release of the golf club. I have been attempting to play golf for 15 years and have seen no teachings on what your tape reveals.
Dave Bostic, Locust Grove, Oklahoma

You are the first pro to communicate to me the understanding of the real release in the golf swing. I have been playing golf for 40 years. Thank you again for your clear and concise instruction.
Charles Lewis, Waco Texas

I have the DVD’s, Squaring it up and Body Punch- Excellent training videos
Chuck Rankin, Oceanside California

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