The path to better golf

Golf is a learned skill and not necessarily only an athletic endeavor. One must think in golf to learn golf in order to become comfortable and consistent in ones thoughts. This will provide the confidence to execute the appropriate shot. Too many golfers feel that thinking can be bad in golf. That philosophy will never allow you to get better. It is with the right type of consistent thinking that the student will become a true golfer. A novice golfer must get to the point where he knows how to swing with an understanding of precision based on their characteristics to be playable in golf.

Since everyone is unique, one must work on their game over time until they reach a point where they understand their own style of play. That means not only their golf swing but also their short game, putting, playing on the course, and their playing personality. To reach one’s own potential and consistency in their game, they must have their style consistent throughout their game.

To find one’s personal golfing style, the golfer needs to fix what might be broken in their motion in order to start the learning process. This will neutralize the golfer’s swing allowing the student to start working on developing his unique style. Too many golfers stop at the point of the ‘fix‘. This will make the good shots better but will not promote consistency in golf. The golfer must strive for going past the point of the ’fix’ and working on ones style to truly understand golf. The swing thoughts that provide the confidence and performance on the course are the thoughts that are unique to your style.

Knowing your style of game allows you to have foresight in the execution of a particular shot. This level of thinking allows your muscle memory to kick in and make the motion that feels natural. Golf is not what you did wrong but rather what are you going to do right. This type of approach to golf will make the golfer comfortable with thinking and performing within one’s personal style when on the golf course.

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